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Titleist AVX Golf Balls Reviews by experts

Any time a replacement product hits the marketplace for real there's an honest likelihood it's already undergone in-depth testing in choose markets to work out its potential viability for achievement. That’s heaps of fancy words for, “do players adore it or not”? Before cathartic, the all-new AVX golf equipment, Titleist subjected it to months of testing during a few major playing markets (Arizona, Golden State, and Florida), yet as compiled information from robotic swings in their labs.

Titleist markets the AVX as “a premium performance golf equipment for golfers World Health Organization range distance and intensely soft feel with a piercing, low ball flight.” Utilizing breakthrough core style, cowl material, and dimple construction Titleist calls the AVX their lowest flying, lowest spinning, and softest feeling superior ball in their line.

Overall, the feedback Titleist received was extremely positive and robust enough for them to maneuver forward with the AVX golf equipment altogether markets! throughout the testing clinical test was lucky enough to be introduced to the Titleist AVX golf equipment and provides it some in-depth, active testing over the off-season.

AVX golf equipment Construction

Before entering into the Titleist AVX’s performance on the course, let’s inspect its construction. The AVX features a proprietary GRN41 thermosetting solid ester stuff cowl, that differs slightly from ancient ester covers found on different premium balls. Lower spin and flight than the professional V1/x comes from the high speed, low compression core technology, and high flex casing layer. historically, lower compression balls lose speed, however, the AVX addresses this with the versatile casing layer.

AVX golf equipment Testing

After my discussions with a product specialist and my very own analysis, I used to be excited to allow the Titleist AVX a go and see however it contends on the course. at once I’ve ought to say, I believe Titleist has found one thing during this ball. The AVX has the texture of a tour-level ball, however conjointly its style will its job to assist keep your game in check and also the ball live.

When I took Titleist Golf Balls equipment out of the sleeve for the primary time I instantly began inspecting what I might see, the cover. however, will its cowl compare of a professional V1/x or different makers' premium offerings? will the cover want it'll grip the grooves or slide up the face? What do the dimples look like? Do I want this is often a premium ball and a ball that I might with confidence place into play?

Visually, the form of the dimples stood out most. I suppose the ball looked the same as a Bridgestone e6, however a right, aspect by examination of these balls shows that the AVX dimples clearly still have a spherical form whereas the e6 dimples seem additional honeycomb formed.

In direct comparison to the opposite Tour-level Titleist balls, the AVX cowl feels a bit less tacky than a professional V1 or professional V1x, however not plastic or slick like associate degree ionomer cowl ball. I might conjointly simply feel the distinction between the 2 cowl materials once staring at the AVX and e6 balls. The AVX had a softer, nearly rubbery feel to the ester cowl compared to the firmer and tougher plastic feel of the e6 cowl.

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