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Srixon Lady Golf Balls give a dreamy feel

Ball tested: Srixon Soft Feel woman

Category: Value/Recreational/Distance (Women)

Compression: Noting the compression on the Soft Feel is sixty, Brunski same the key has been Srixon's long-time core technology of getting the core get firmer because it moves from a softer centre to the border of the core. The effect, he said, is like making a multilayer or multiple core impact within the single-core, two-piece style.

Tested for golfers with average driving distance of: a hundred twenty five yards or less (carry + roll) / 126 to 195 yards (carry + roll) / 196 to 245 (carry + roll)

Specs: Construction – Two-piece; cowl – Pana-Tetra increased ionomer; Core – Energetic Gradient Growth; Dimples – 338. The Srixon Z-STAR XV ball delivers unmatched technology with unimaginable feel thus golfers will elevate all aspects of their game to attain higher. Even higher launch conditions for category-leading distance off the tee.

Ball notes: Srixon might not boast the whole recognition of a Titleist or Callaway; however, the company’s golf balls win nearly universal praise among avid players.

Srixon’s entry into the women’s class is that Ladies Golf Balls give the Soft Feel woman, a companion to its customary Soft Feel model. The women’s version options lower compression (58 vs. the regular Soft Feel’s 71) to spice up the distance, with a dimple style designed for the next launch.

The ball is marked with Srixon’s “Hit Straight” alignment aid, a line with arrows on either finish to assist aim your putts and tee shots. The Soft Feel woman is obtainable in 2 colours: “Pure White” and “Passion Pink.”

FYI—Women’s golf legend Laura Davies plays Srixon’s Z-STAR model that is formed for players with swing speeds in far more than one hundred mph.

On the clubface: from a ball with such a coffee compression, the Soft Feel woman is so terribly, very soft. It bounces off the motive force with a satisfying, virtually putty-like “thump” and feels just about constant throughout the bag.

Srixon Soft Feel woman two

Off the tee: it's going to desire a candy, however, it positive doesn’t fly like one. The Soft Feel woman jumps high off the clubface and displays wonderful suspend time. And its low-spin properties very show up once it hits the bottom – we tend to get terrific roll-out despite the lofty flight.

From the green/rough: affordable contact with any fairway wood, hybrid or middle iron generated a pleasant ball flight with many heights. Same for the short irons, which generally bounced a handful of times before rolling many feet and stopping. a talented player (single-digit handicap) ought to haven't any bother obtaining hop-and-stop action with the wedges.

Around the green: Golfers World Health Organization play by feel, as hostile a lot of mechanical varieties, can appreciate the Soft Feel Lady’s site performance. It proved versatile and responsive after we tried long, running chips, shorter pitch shots and many things in between.

Bottom line: The Soft Feel woman is yet one more feather in Srixon’s cap. Very like the brand’s Q-STAR and Z-STAR models, it combines nice distance, solid management and, of course, howling feels. We’d advocate the Soft Feel woman to any lady trying to stay with one ball.

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